Top 10 bed frames for kids

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I'm looking at a post at the <bib_tatime_at_gmail.com> thread, but I know that this isn't exactly a discussion of a particular "maintenance schedule", but I thought I'd leave it as an example of what I'm thinking of. The first thing I want to note is that the idea of "maintenance schedule" isn't very relevant (I'm fairly certain it's more useful than, you know, "maintenance schedule". I mean, maybe if someone went in and created a site where maintenance was a fixed time on a schedule, they could come up with a new word...)

On the other hand, I think "maintenance" is much more specific. "What?" you ask? Well, on a maintenance schedule, every maintenance member is expected to maintain that thing. A maintenance member can't go back into the club (with the exception of people who have been told to) and do any kind of work that isn't necessary.

In short, a maintenance schedule will only be useful if someone is allowed to maintain the thing without anyone else taking the credit for anything. And I'm pretty sure that they'll have to get permission (from me) to do work on their part if they want to do so. It seems fairly specific.

I can see a little of a problem with "maintenance schedule" though, and that is that the requirement to maintain "anything of importance to do for 24 hours a day" isn't as strong as it should be. In other words, it would work well for maintenance members, but it would be really hard for members of staff to meet the goal on the part of the maintenance member (since any given maintenance member would need to be constantly working on stuff). That seems a pretty poor example to me, since maintenance members don't have to constantly be looking up things on a website (and I'm assuming that the website for one maintenance member would be somewhat different, if you could get a working referenc
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One dead four injured in outback sa road crash


More than four months after a bus slammed into a truck driver travelling on a rural south-eastern state highway in the Queensland Outback, five people have died in the crash.

The vehicle was travelling from Karratha to Paddy's Ferry at 3:35pm (AEDT) on Monday night.

It came to a halt, its driver hitting a tree before flipping and crashing into a metal trailer.

It was all downhill from there with two more motorists on the scene at 3:49pm (AEDT).

Four more people - three of them from another vehicle - have been treated in hospital for non-life-threatening injuries.

Seven other vehicles have been treated in the field.

The driver has not been charged, although police are still interviewing the driver and the driver's wife.

Police say they have spoken to passengers who were in the truck, two people in the van and two other people who had been travelling with the truck and have been questioned.

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